Meeting with Prometeon in Turkey

A meeting was held in Turkey at Pirelli Truck & Bus office to discuss the Tyre Retreading facilities being established in Pakistan. It was decided in the meeting that MSD Tire & Rubber Company will be purchasing tire bands from ‘Novateck’ with Pirelli’s original tread patterns.

Pakistan Market visit by the Commercial Manager of Pirelli Middle East Region

The Commercial Manager of Pirelli, Mr.Mohamed Mokhtar visited the Islamabad market in January 2019. He visited the outlets, being acquired by MSD Retail, to establish an extensive Tyre Retail chain named ‘Tyre select’.

Pirelli Sales Training 2018

An official sales training was held in Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore on Nov 27, 2018. The technical manager of Pirelli Truck & Bus Segment conducted the training program. The Salesforce of the central region attended the training program and were awarded certificates for completing the training Successfully.

Agreement with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service in Lahore

MSD Tire & Rubber Company Ltd has an ongoing relationship with Daewoo Express Bus Service. On June 1, 2018, an agreement between the two parties was signed, according to which Daewoo will continue to purchase Pirelli Tyres exclusively from MSD Tire & Rubber Company Ltd. for a period at least up to 31 st May 2020.