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It is a brave new world for the tire retailing industry around the world. The retailer, who meets the customer one-to-one, is today the prime factor in the value chain. The tire retail industry around the globe has gone through a revolutionary change over the past few years. Considering the changes in consumer preference in terms of time, cost, and efficiency.
However, Due to the absence of a proper tire retail chain in Pakistan, there is a visible operational gap between the international and the local market. In a price-sensitive market like Pakistan, where people prefer cheaply priced products and dealers pushing for better margin products, MSD Retail (Pvt) Ltd is all set to bring order to the chaos. We aim to cater to the demands of varied customer segments.

“We are committed to reaching out to our customers with quality tires and services.”

Customers in Pakistan are often misled by the local retailers for higher profit margins, as customers have limited knowledge about tires. We will be focusing our efforts on educating customers to understand their tire needs and opting for correct tires suitable for their vehicle.

We are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with various tire-related services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, automated tire changing, tire rotation, and air care. Tire select will provide its customers with a one-stop solution, which will be best suited for their vehicle.

“We believe in ensuring organized systems and processes and hence maintain healthy relationships with our customers. We intend to become the leading Tyre Retail Network in Pakistan. We are confident that with our culture, innovation, and our professionals, we will get there.”

Redefining Tyre Retail

At MSD Tire & Rubber Company, we’re starting to look at Tyre Retail differently. Our team has embarked on initiatives to transform the tire and automotive retail experience in Pakistan.
Moving away from traditional business practices, the team at MSD Retail is creating environments and experiences which aim to delight the customer as they continue to return for their tire needs.

With an eye on the next five years, we plan to transform the retail space that defines the interaction with the customers. Instead of looking at customers being touch-and-go, we start to look at customer life cycles, understanding when they are likely to return and for what needs.
We want to create an environment where the customer looks forward to coming back to ‘Tyre Select’ for their automotive maintenance needs, much like how shoppers love to keep coming back to their favorite brands.

Our Concept

We have planned to develop two models for our two major tyre segments: Passenger Car Tyres and Truck & Bus Tyres

PCR and Light Truck Tyre Outlets

We are in the process of acquiring 6 outlets in the North of Pakistan and we plan to open 2 outlets in Karachi and 2 in Lahore in the coming year. After covering all the metropolitan cities of Pakistan, we shall penetrate the tyre market of Faisalabad and Multan by opening one outlet in each city. Keeping in view, the infrastructural changes happening in the country and the boom in the auto industry, we will open 2 more outlets in Karachi and Lahore in 2021.

Truck & Bus Tyre Outlets

With the purpose to build a well-equipped Tyre Retail chain in Pakistan, MSD Retail PVT Ltd is in the process of acquiring its first Truck Tyre Outlet in the city of Mansehra. In the next two years, the company will open three more outlets in the cities of Lahore, Karachi and Turnol.In-order to increase its service capability, the company plans to launch the first ever Fleet Mobile service in Pakistan. The service will be accessible through a dedicated helpline. The service will be deployed to resolve service issues in case of emergency, which will eliminate the hassle for customers to take their vehicle into a Tyre Retail shop.

Services & Brands

1 Automated Tyre Change
2 Wheel Alignment
3 Wheel balancing
4 Oil and Filter Change
5 Engine Diagnostic and Electrical Check up
6 Brake Service
7 Car Batteries
8 Air Condition Service

The right set of tyres can go a long way. If you need help choosing the right tyres, our team of tyre experts have the knowledge and the passion to help. At Tyre Select, we have an extensive range of tyre brands that are ready to be delivered within 24 hours.

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