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Advantages and Characteristics

FUEL SAVING In difficult conditions, the highest level of traction is provided by the design optimization of the lug shape, the innovative shoulder (PIRELLI Patent) and the inter-lug area. Self-cleaning is outstanding and good traction together with a lower rolling resistance allow significant fuel saving.

LONGLASTING Specific tread design and lug geometry, together with a new generation of compounds, grant PHP™ excellent performance in terms of long life and regularity of wear, making a significant contribution to reducing operating costs.

LESS SOIL COMPACTION The real dimension of the footprint ensures less pressure on the ground and casing flexibility provides good damping of the vertical forces, helping to ensure less soil compaction and the maximum yield.

SAFETY AND COMFORT FOR THE DRIVER The sidewall profile and structure have been designed to better balance vertical and lateral stiffness. Thanks to the most advanced CAD systems, footprint shape, contact pressure map and stress/strain on the lugs were thoroughly analyzed, allowing shaping the best treat pattern in terms of both handling and comfort.

TORQUE TRANSMISSION As PHP™ is made to fit the heaviest tractors, the bead area geometry has been designed for a perfect torque transmission avoiding rim slippage and ensuring an easy fitting on the rim.