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Our Code Of Conduct

Our Code Of Conduct:

It is to be noted that MSD Tires and Rubber deals with only the lawful and ethical practices in the industry. The code of conduct of company involves those policies and processes that are capable of giving direction to the employees, officers and directors as well with regard to their contribution and responsibilities. The applicability of the code and conduct applies to each and every person linked with MSD Tires and Rubber Company, directly or indirectly.

Conforming The Law:

It is the duty of every person working in the organization to obey the laws and regulations strictly. The company ensures the compliance of legal requirements along with prohibitions.

Safe Work Environment:

It is the duty of the company to maintain such an organizational environment that is safe from any kind of threats. The eradication of harassment or even gender discrimination will also be ensured. The company highly discourages any discrimination that is based on race, sex or religion.

Competitive Role:

The company will play a competitive role in the industry. It will abide by the laws and regulations throughout its business activities without any deviation. Moreover, pricing, cost or any other information will not be discussed with the other competitors.

Fair Payments:

MSD Tires and Rubber Company ensures fair payments. All the improper payment either to government officials or non-government officials will be avoided. The company will work and perform its business activities within the set boundaries of law and regulations. Moreover, those activities that are forbidden in law will not be carried out.